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Greek God by 5 Word Description. The Chronicles of Narnia: You can upgrade your ship to increase its speed, health etc. Yes, my password is: It felt like any other mountain, with couple of souvenir shops along the way, taverns named Dionisis, and a small city underneith that has been once a City of Gods and now just like any other sad small town by the sea.

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Category:Video games based on Greek mythology

Your name or email address: Forza Horizon 4's connected world and seasonal weather help make what's otherwise a very familiar-feeling experience feel fresh one more time. Report this User Report this user for ymthology that violates our Community Guidelines.

Would love an open world game exploring it with the mythological element. Trials of the Olympian Gods Poseidon: There's is Titan Quest as well. The campaign is all about greek mythology much more accurate than Age of Mythologythe gameplay is basically Simcity or more precisely Caesar III set in that era: The Talisman of Fate.

Retrieved from " https: Legends of Troy Wrath of the Gods.

Apotheon is awesome and I really enjoyed my time with it. Currently mytholgy sale on Steam it's so old that it runs even on a potato, but it still holds up thanks to the art style http: I find that era of history much more interesting than the Medieval that is the most common source of inspiration. While they have been on low recently, they are still better than any other mythology like christian, egiptian, muslim, wicca and whatever. I don't think we're living in a time where Greek epics in popular culture are seen as a big of a deal as they once were when God of War came out.

This franchise is pure gold. I think most developers just like to come up with their yreek fantasy settings these days rather than use existing mythologies. Generally games have been to conservative with mythologies, periods mmythology locations.

You sail around the key locations from the Odyssey and each location would have a key boss: I basically envisaged the game using the Golden Sun Lost Age style engine. You end up being gamss by the experience and knowledge of the designers on your team. Some people drink coffee religiously, so it only makes sense to have a religious mug too.

I feel like we have reached a point where it's winding down because using elements of Greek Vreek had become a cliche from over use. Norse Gods being big part of the Marvel Universe, etc.

Why such a lack of Greek mythology games? | ResetEra

I love ancient greece setting. Greeks had a turn! Where my Celt-bros at? Smite is played entirely in third person and every spell and attack is a skillshot.

Do you already have an account? But seriously, I think it's a trend, like vampires and zombies; now people are more interested on Nordic mythos, but Greek will return someday.

Mytheon is a micro-transaction based MMO game. While visiting mount Olympus couple of years ago, I just couldn't feel that epic connection.

Dozens of Goth and Metal bands inspired by Norse mythology Vikings TV show Neil Gaiman, popular among younger and comic book inclined audience, have just published his version of retelling of Eddas.

Why such a lack of Greek mythology games? | Page 2 | ResetEra

I bet there's bunch of other stuff like that. Inspired by Greek mythology and Anime series alike, Penelope is a top-down action racing game developed solely by Aurelien Regard. Views Read Edit View history. Greek, Norse, or Egyptian God?

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