Browser compatibility testing tools

With Sauce Lab you can lists the recently run tests in chronological order, with information about the runtime, testing platform, build and whether they passed or failed. Compare your screenshots across browsers or to historical versions with our comparison engine, highlighting different DOM elements. See All Mobile Devices. Your browsing is completely anonymous!

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It allows you to test website in any browser and operating system. Join the DZone community and get the full member experience. Browserling guys hopped, cmopatibility and comptibility over all those barriers in record time without blinking and has put us on the innovations map. The first four tools provide you with virtual machines on the cloud for testing, which is good for privacy as the virtual machines are destroyed after the testing session.

Your customers are copmatibility real devices — you should be testing on them too. The selenium based cloud solution for automation problems is certainly helpful. Download Comatibility 9 IE NetRender It is the easiest tool to use for cross browser testing, you have to simply choose a version on IE and enter the URL that you want to test, and you will get a screen shot of the page being used.

This tool offers every feature in comparison with the ones mentioned above. In the virtual world, your website projects you. Make gestures, swipe, and engage with real devices.

It able to process large number of request in real time and there will compatibiilty no waiting time. Export the code to various programming languages.

Free plan - 30 minute trial of live testing time and minutes of automation testing time. It is not the fastest nor is it loaded with features like the rest, but it has a good VM speed and a good collection of browsers.

Top 9 Cross-Browser Compatibility Testing Tools in 2018

Join the DZone community and get the full member experience. While everything they promise seems almost compatibilitty, the speed has issues. The good news is that there are tools available on the market to facilitate cross-browser compatibility checks.

Although, their compatiblity testing experience is a bit laggy. Over a million developers have joined DZone. The minutes are renewed at the end of every month.

IE tab supports internet configuration completely which means various settings like security settings and internet settings can be set manually or automatically. Automated testing is not supported. The main problem testijg is that no developer can maintain a library of desktop and mobile devices that represent your demographic.

LambdaTest Introduced a year ago, LambdaTest has been promising ever since they emerged. They have a great automation grid which I found out to be fastest than the rest by a very small margin. The minutes get renewed at the end of each month.

It allows you to run tests in the cloud on more than different browser platform and devices. All rendered images and URLs are kept private and secure. Testing things across browsers is part of the job of front-end developers, and being able to do that without leaving the comfort of their main browser is liberating.

Check Browser Compatibility, Cross Platform Browser Test - Browsershots

Please create an account to buy the developer plan. Automation Testing made easy. Not offering any free plan, they sure charge a lot for browder as well as parallel sessions. I have seen how toosl have transformed many of their UI components for better customer experience over the past 6 months.

Screenshot and responsive testing. It provides real standalone browsers to help you avoid the pain that comes with managing a testing lab. The biggest and the only drawback seems to be the absence of automation testing.

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