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So shutting down and restarting the game is best instead of map switching. In additional disk drives are becoming optional on computers, especially on notebooks. Help us improve Answers HQ! Would i want to install "Direct Play"? Ridgeraiser, follow the instructions I posted earlier to enable direct play:

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Nov 29 I downloaded the Anthology: Download Gamspy Fix Retail 1.

The system does not have a disk drive. Anyhow here is a link on the topic with a fix.


Nov 27 It brings you back the server? The worst part is, there are no clear and definitive solutions online. But no intro, there comes an another pop up window ask me: Once you download the little. Battlefield on Windows 10 Bit System - Won't launch by bim Call me old fashion, don't care. Message 60 of 65 2, Views.

BF Doesn't work with Windows 10 unless - Battlefield SinglePlayer Forum

Message 59 of 65 2, Views. Rule 6 All content needs to be tagged. In additional disk drives are becoming optional on computers, especially on notebooks. Log in or sign up in seconds.

After toiling through the night, this is how I got it to work with the Windows 10 Creators' Update: Welcome Guest Log In Register. You may already have the game, either in CD or Origin digital format; if battlerield do, skip this step. The fix reported for BF2 for Win 7 and 8 is to make direvt the version in the registry is set to the current version, which it is.

Your copy of Battlefield should now be working with Windows 10, available to launch from Origin, or, wherever.

[BF:L] The definitive guide to Battlefield in : Battlefield

Zombies Games Plants vs. Maybe try looking for a BF2-specific post? I have try to install it. In the left hand sidebar, press 'Turn Windows features on and off. It turns to black screen for 2 seconds and then back to desktop.

I found this trick for turning on Direct Play: Did your BF back works? I'll try to remember that for the next time. Go to 'Uninstall a Program' in Control Panel.

This widget could not be displayed. Hola como estas creo que es viejo el posto pero ultimamente trate de jugar al battlefield2 offline y no pude e intente instalar este que vos decis. So maybe you wanted to try it out again for old bagtlefield sake; maybe you're just tired of waiting for hopefully Battlefield Search this forum only?

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