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Since the majority party or a majority coalition of several parties comes to power in a Parliamentary democracy, there is bound to be co-operation and harmony between the Executive and the Legislature. During their courtship, they get enough opportunity to study each other and can easily break off the relationship if either side is not found to be as expected. Therefore, the makers of our Constitution stipulated reservation for scheduled castes and tribes for a period of ten years but it had to be extended again and again because they could not come up in such a short time.

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Therefore, if merit alone is taken into consideration while promoting, the knowledge of the latest devices and design can be meaningfully tested in a candidate who keeps himself abreast of them. Thus we are caught in a vicious circle of all-round deterioration.

Majority of them do not make any serious attempt to know or learn more and do better. Moreover, he has no means to live. But the fact is that even duffers can secure high marks by cramming a few plol answers and get through the interview by chance or recommendation. An incurably diseased person is weak and has no value whatsoever to the society.

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Is our culture or society any poool worse for it? Therefore, we must provide him proper treatment and allow him to live as long as nature has willed it. Ever since man's appearance on the planet Earth he has endeavoured to conquer the forces of nature to lead a happy life.

Agriculture and farming have been revolutionized by science. The only way to preclude the possibility of error is to abolish capital punishment itself.

Therefore, boys and girls are getting more free in the choice of their spouses. If you have any question, suggestion or feedback, feel free to post it in the discussion box given below. By rejecting people of higher competence from general category and accepting the reserved category with lower competence, the reservation policy acts as a disincentive to the meritorious and more capable. So, instead, we should reform the killer, make him realize his sin and follow a virtuous life.

This adversely affects peace of mind and comfort of the family members. Therefore, the best way out of such a situation is to put an end to his life.

Aspects that aid efficient government need to be reinforced, irrespective of the form of government. Can his seniority make him more able or capable?

In India, we have had, in the past and have even today, several persons as ministers not because of their intrinsic quality but due to parochial considerations.

Presidential democracy, on the other hand, has nothing much to care for a shift in public opinion because the fixed term of office of the President makes him secure in office for the stipulated number of years.

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An ordinary factory worker could hope to become a manager one day. This will prove to be an effective deterrent hd population explosion and will also benefit these classes themselves.

He can even obtain the services of nonparty experts. Lool the contrary, only practical experience can give us the true knowledge of theory and practice of a particular line.

Killing others has become their second nature and they pkol dozens of murder cases pending against them. It is futile to teach them sanity. They are not Romeo and Juliet of our Bollywood variety who convert their first love affair into a marriage.

Granted that science has enabled us to fight diseases more effectively and lead a more healthy life but more and more deadly diseases, unknown to our forefathers, are affecting us today. The greatest progress in nations of the world has been achieved where promotions and honours have gone to the meritorious alone.

In some Muslim countries like Pakistan, Iran, Dubai, etc. This system operates in some advanced western countries quite successfully for it offers incentive to old hands.

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P and Bihar where ministers have practically no work to do in some cases but are a burden on the Exchequer. Therefore,the reasoning that just because a man is suffering from an incurable disease, he should be put to death is untenable and beyond reason.

Not only this, he is more and more in command over the forces of nature and with the aid of science and technology he is using his resources for mankind. Even otherwise, suffering people have been the subject of research work quite less. He so involved himself in doing some extra work in the office there, that in the year a visiting Vice President of a reputed multinational got impressed with him and offered him the job of Sales Executive!

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