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If the motherboard works only when you apply some pressure on the graphics card, most likely this is defective motherboard. Make sure the wall outlet is working and the AC adapter is getting power from the outlet. Set your multimeter to make noise when the circuit is closed. If I leave it powered on this way, approx minutes later it finally boots, with post screen. When a different CPU is connected it still does noy start up. I will try some of the things that I have read on your site when I get home today. I had acer aspire laptop which stopped suddenly giving black and white lines blinking on the LCD screen; i pushed the poweron button to turn it off.

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Try reconnecting the video cable on both ends and check out if this helps. If successful, shut the computer down, install the battery and reboot.

The CPU fan never turns on. Thanks fro having a place to ask quetions. Remove the external memory module and test the laptop without it there is some RAM soldered satellite a135 s4656 xp the motherboard.

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When I have tried to turn it on since I it takes about 10 hits on the power button before it responds yet the screen still goes aa135 and the machine seems to hang satellite a135 s4656 xp limbo. Does it happen mostly when you move the laptop? In most modern laptops the video card is integrated into the motherboard and cannot be replaced.

I unplugged battery and power over night.

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One of the memory modules could be bad. Can I salvage my hard drive? Test the laptop with only one memory module in place. If you have a voltmeter, you can test satellite a135 s4656 xp the power gets to the motherboard when the power adapter is plugged in.

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Then the video went out a day later. Plug the power cord in and turn your computer on. Right hinge contained a black and a white wire that snake through the bezel of the LCD and terminate on 2 different side into some type of clip. The power inverter is working as backlighting is working when the LCD is normal.

Voltage regulators on the board can also satellits a cause. Everything can function fine then. Test the laptop again. I just thought you should know this. If I picked it up from the floor or sateplite it x4656 also go blue screen and reboot.

After a while it goes off completely. Power light on, battery light on…then the diskdrive light but thats it satellute black screen…. I am now testing possibilites with only the barebone board and power s466 it seems that if i press with my finger on the graphics card cooler it stays satellite a135 s4656 xp and it looks like to have so clearance betwen the gpu card and bolts… any idea?

The problem seems related to the laptop VGA port. Satellite a135 s4656 xp touched the monitor cable to see what happened and it shut off again. Do you mean the AC power adapter? Downward pressure on the keyboard worked for a while to unfreeze the laptop, satelllte progressively getting worse. I would like to thank cj who changed everything for me!! I do not know what satellite a135 s4656 xp could be. First satellite a135 s4656 xp all, check all brightness related settings.

Then all of a sudden stopped working. On the bottom of the laptop should be RAM cover. If w4656 Satellite a135 s4656 xp adapter is OK then your description sounds like a problem with the motherboard. So Satellite a135 s4656 xp had to re solder that put it all back and guess what it powered on.

I have a problem with my dell latitude d, it operates normally without any problem, and then all of a sudden I get the message that my ac adapter has been disconnected and I am on battery power now, but I did not disconnect it. It will be necessary to open up the laptop case and take a closer look at the motherboard.

If both internal and external monitors have no video, your problem could be related to: The battery was dead from 6 months and i running it on power supply……. My daughter has a Compaq Presario Aa135 laptop.

Reseating the ram did not work, Satellite a135 s4656 xp the motherboard is fried would it still recieve power and show you that the ac adaptor is connected?

Removed battery and adaptor and tested reset button with Multi-meter for faults but none found, reset button working correctly. I have tried starting it without the bezel on there and still will not work. It tried connecting an external monitor,it displays fine without the lines,what could be the problem. If you have nothing to lose, you can try taking it apart to a barebone system and satellite a135 s4656 xp just major components: Any help would be great.

Well if i plug it into the wall the power light flashes but nothing, if I put satellite a135 s4656 xp the battery and push the power the light flashes for a brief moment also then dead, this keeps happening each time I undo the battery and plug it in, as well as withe power cord.

I saw some guy use a heat gun on youtube to satellite a135 s4656 xp the problem by using a heatgun to blow on the mobo, so it will resoulder the parts together. Should you get a new laptop? Because the post codes are issued to the parallel port I would have expected that someone would have written a program to log these messages on another PC via a direct parallel port cable connection.

Laptop is dead. How to troubleshoot.

After i tried every thing i knew about i surfed the net on another computer and found satellite a135 s4656 xp site, and crossed my fingers and toes. It is completely dead, no lights or anything.

Check out the Laptop Service Manual Category on the right side of the website. However, in the laptop screen, once windows loads, everything becomes okay again. The hard drive noise, DVD drive light, etc.?