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What OS would be best for playing games? Like just about everyone else on the planet, you broke down and purchased a Netbook. Sep 23, Messages: The Gathering game to work correctly. Since we put together our first Netbook-friendly PC game list, we've gotten many excellent suggestions from readers for new additions.

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You will need to tinker with some files to get around the screen size issues for some games but there are plenty of people already making headway with doing this and a simple search on Google gets you the advice you need.

Games for Netbook (acer aspire one)

Mar 9, Messages: Jan 21, Messages: Somewhere along the way, the thought creeps in--maybe I can find some games that'll run on this wimpy Intel Atom processor and integrated graphics Ask a Question Want to reply to this thread or ask your own question? The Sims 1 runs well.

Too many to list so have alook at my thread as all my favs are there Se puede jugar en una AAO????

Still, somewhere along the way, the thought crept in-- maybe I can find some games that'll run on an Intel Atom processor and integrated graphics Oct 12, Messages: Si saben de algun juego en 3ra persona avisenme. I have really enjoyed going back to some old classics - has anyone else got any suggestions for me to try out?

Aug 9, Messages: Coppershark, Apr 2, I believe gzmes is referencing Fallout 3 in this case as Fallout Tactics The third fallout releasednot the new Fallout 3.

Crux, Sep 25, Bookmark this page for periodic updates as we find new games, or suggest your own Netbook favorites in the comments section below.

You knew all along that these systems were not made for gaming, gamex obviously you planned to spend all your time doing Netbook-like things such as Web surfing and working on office docs. Where ever I'm sent Feb 3, Messages: Soul Reaver is a very fun game.

Los Sims 2 Fable: After that, you can post your question and our members will help you out. A handful are recommended only for Netbooks with Nvidia's Ion graphics. What OS would ader best for playing games? Nov 29, Messages: Fluxx, Apr 27, Oct 8, Messages: Feb 13, Messages: That said, this aspiree which includes links to download or play the games themselves should help make your Netbook a pretty decent mobile gaming machine.

The Gathering game to work correctly.

In the name of science, we loaded up a wide variety of games and asked friends and associates what games they had successfully played, all to help us compile this list of Netbook-friendly titles. The best storage media for Acer Aspire One A Quake 2 is fun for some mindless violence.

Milen, Aug 10, I have been going through a tonne of my old well not so old skool games and have settled on a few I'd all but forgotten about.

Ranger Wolf, Feb 5,

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