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Pin arrangement Parallel interface levels Low level: Normally a printer prints character patterns that correspond with the input character code. General Control Printer initialization Code: Page 3 Functions of lamps Lamp Color Function Amber Lights when the printer enters the select state, and starts flickering when the printer enters the print suppress mode or when a malfunction is detected. Ribbon drive gear assembly Ribbon gear space motor Page This command is ignored. Character to character clearance can be specified in units of dot columns with control codes.

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Don’t have an account? Got it, continue to print. All Listings filter applied Parm1 and Parm2 settings are set for each mode.

Best Match Best Match. Does the platen rotate smoothly? Ribbon shall be fed smoothly when the carriage is moved from side to side. Replace the Mucroline motor assembly or LF idle gear. Remove the PC connector from the space motor Oki microline 380 turbo To install, follow the removal steps in the reverse order. Replace Operation panel board.

If a lubricated part has been cleaned, be sure to apply lubricating oil to that portion after cleaning. Impact dot matrix Number of dot wires: Page Set compressed character pitch Printer Oki microline 380 turbo Heads 1.

Paper Detection Mechanism see Figure Driver Board sdf at Non Usb Ver. This manual is for customer engineers. ESC 6 b Compatibility: Ribbon drive gear assembly Ribbon gear space motor.

Page Set quadruple oki microline 380 turbo graphics a Code: Page Print raster graphics Code: ESC 5 n Compatibility: Epson mode Set double or expanded characters Code: Select vertical tab channel Code: Pack cartuchos compatibles negro hp y color hp alta capacidad. Selects double lines for score set by D1.

Remove the space oki microline 380 turbo 3. Selects the type of barcodes and sets its size. Microlkne printing, from left to right, or bidirectional printing will be performed based on the value of n.

Reset double strike mode Code: And at the same time, the position of the cam installed to the front release gear shaft changes, and the open and close of the pressure miceoline.

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Setting does not change. Page Print data as Characters Code: Description is mainly limited to the removal procedure; installation should basically be performed in the reverse sequence micoline the removal procedure.

Oki microline 380 turbo Location see all Item Location. Set character spacing Code: Maximum number of dot columns per line in graphics.

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We Buy Contact Us. Move left relative dot position a Code: At this time, the rear sensor lever rotates counterclockwise CCWthe rear sensor lever and pulls out of the rear and top paper end sensor to detect that the sheet is provided. With the test connector installed the printer transmits and receives its own signal and verifies proper operation. The spacing mechanism consists of a carriage shaft mounted in parallel with the platen, and a carriage frame that moves along the shaft.

Remove the oki microline 380 turbo springthen remove the idle gearthe tractor gear and the change gear Push back the protrusion of the Change Gear Shaft Before starting troubleshooting, operate the printer in the same oki microline 380 turbo as that at the time of trouble occurrence to see if the same trouble occurs again.

Interface signals Pin No. For more information about the Okidata Microlineor any of our products and services, call us at 1.