Click on Pending Requests. It returns the id identifying the connection on the host. The bug existed since version 6. This is not a JDBC standard isolation level but you can use it with this driver. Named pipes work only in the Java VM 1. This only works with SQL Server 7. Sets the network packet size.

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The scale was 0, e.

You can find more documentation at: Using XA may result merlia jdbc a considerable performance decrease. This is required for Windows Server It is possible to use ndbc default implementation of the FailoverListener or merlia jdbc use your own implementation.

There might be some errors in the merlia jdbc or better solutions for working with Microsoft certificates. There are different solutions. Added property packetSize and changed the default from server default to Click on Pending Requests. For help clarifying this question so that it can be reopened, visit the help center. Some error handling was added for connecting to prevent problems in stress conditions.

The following step by step description is not a public documentation of the Microsoft Certificate technology.

Inet merlia jdbc driver – Google Документы

The certificate is now installed. A CallableStatement returned wrong out-parameter values, if the SP was without return-parameter and called himself an other SP with out-parameter. This merlia jdbc shows the use of the PoolDriver. There are the following possible solutions: A BigDecimal value with a scale smaller than 38 and a precision larger than 38 was not correctly prepared for SQL Server Has a way to disable prepared statements Cons: Therefore you can set all or only some properties e.

In this case the first update count is the count of the trigger. Install the Microsoft Certificate Services. Jfbc value is equals to the JDBC merlia jdbc protocol. The ResultSet hold merlia jdbc was shared between the copies.

Maven Repository: jdbc

An endless merlia jdbc in ResultSet. This is a deal breaker for me because important methods like. If inside an open transaction, merlia jdbc locks are released when the transaction is closed.

A very rare protocol violation Error in the TDS datastream was fixed.

i-net MERLIA

Values and choices were added. This is a regression merlia jdbc 6. The following properties will now be respected by TdsDataSource. A bug with commit and rollback without a transaction and SQL Server was fixed.

All other properties will still be in effect. Merlia jdbc fixed for requested scrollable ResultSet from stored procedures that also returned a parameter. The exception could occur with an additional PreparedStatement pool. You can configure merlia jdbc with the methods setFailoverTimeout and setFailoverCount.

Only i-net Opta and merlia jdbc Merlia provide full support of new jrbc types. A value of 0 means to use the server default value which is by default