Wiggling the AC plug makes no difference? Please provide more details about the failure. Did you remove memory modules? Sorry for the verbose post, but I know how important accuracy is in diagnosing…well, pretty much anything. Other than where the keyboard cable connects to the motherboard, I did not see reference to removal of the motherboard.

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Hp dv6125se to say, the LCD is broken. Hello All, I have been having a problem charging my laptop for about four months.

I have had my Pavillion DV for almost 3 years now. Any hp dv6125se to this? I took it to Geeks and was told the motherboard was bad, it was cost too much to fix so buy a new one.

So I was wondering if you could help me out. If so, to how much RAM, etc? I currently have an Hp Pavilion dv Series Model-dvnr. Thank you hp dv6125se guide. I see the part where you disconnect the wireless antenna cables, so you can pull them through the chassis and remove the display?

I tried using the compressed air gun from the holes hoping that if something is stuck in the fan dv612s5e will be removed. There is only magnet in LCD enclosure and magnetic sensor switch in main enclosure. This jack is for 65 watt AC adapters. Problem should be d6v125se. I used info from the HP service manual and removed the internal speakers and tested them outside the PC with another audio source and they will produce sound just fine.

hp dv6125se

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I moved the hard drive to the other comp. Hp dv6125se turned off power and let it dry for a bit. Most likely there is a conflict between one of the running applications and Windows. So I bought a used one tested as working off tinternet.

Power Jack Repair Replacement Fix on Laptops

Before I read this I dissasembled the unit. I tried removing the hardrive and reconnecting it, same problem.

Any idea where I might find a new drive, and a reasonable price range for it? You can install up to 2GB memory module into each slot. The new hp dv6125se should work with the old load. Is there a problem with my wireless card? I changed my touch hp dv6125se in my dvus and was un plugging the connector that goes to the LCD screen and the connector broke.

But remember that you will need some sort of packing on top of the GPU i. I wish to turn this machine into a Media Centre by removing the screen and connecting an hp dv6125se monitor TV. I have had problems with my hp dv6125se speakers and microphone not working on a dvus. This Jack stands 1. My laptop is currently overheating and I am assuming that the cpu fan needs to be replaced.

If the laptop turns on but there is no video on the screen, hp dv6125se ev6125se memory module. Remove all screws and components from the bottom. So i did that, and hp dv6125se is the same problem, nothing more or less.

I have a Hp Pavilliondv, When I push power button it flashes for 1 sec. Try reconnecting the DVD drive a few times.

Hey thanks a lot for the explanation. Because there are some little stickers on the cooler. This will remove most dust from the hp dv6125se and heat sink. Test the hard drive.

This sound has become consistent when i turn it on. Very carefully move the cable locking tab to the direction shown by two red arrows using hp dv6125se fingernails.

hp power jack repair – Power Jack Repair Replacement Fix on Laptops

I haave a hp pavillion dvand if i connect a projector to do presentations it is not showing the image on hp dv6125se projector. But the problem is,it always hangs and stops unpredictably.

Is this attached to the keyboard, or is it a main board light? Thanks hp dv6125se the guide!

How to take apart HP Pavilion dv6000

Any suggestions or hp dv6125se the webcam dead? E Emachines G Series: I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver, but no luck. One happened to be the battery and the other it was the power supply. The laptop just stays that way for about 5 — 10 seconds and reboots over and hp dv6125se again. Sounds like you have the same problem I had.

Can you get video on the external monitor?