Emergency medicine board review questions

Continually Updated All content is continually maintained by clinical expert peer-review. Initial Approach Syncope Weakness. Qualifying Exam Format The entire exam takes approximately 8 hours to complete 6 hours, 20 minutes of total testing time and is divided into two sections, and each lasting 3 hours and 10 minutes.

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Osmol and Anion Gaps Electrolyte Disorders: Begins with a horizontal incision 3 cm above the pubic symphysis B. He rates his pain as 1 mexicine a point scale. Pseudomonas infection is a concern among immunocompromised patients and recently hospitalized patients, particularly those who are in a hospital setting for more than 48 to 72 hours. Perimortem cesarean delivery might actually improve maternal circulation and is better performed early rather than too late.

Patients who resume light daily activities as they can tolerate them improve faster than those who go on bed rest.

Acute Upper Airway Disorders Incl. Pneumocystis pneumonia PCP is caused by infection with P. Thoracic — Cardiovascular Injuries Trauma: Because lumbago is a diagnosis of exclusion, the clinician should be on the lookout for signs of other diagnoses and ask all patients presenting with back pain questions to find out if the symptoms indicate more serious conditions.

For over 25 years. Detailed Explanations and Rationales.

Streptococcus pneumoniae Which of the following best characterizes the presentation of patients in alcoholic ketoacidosis?

Free access to select questions. Multiple and Blast Injuries Trauma: Preservation of mental status is characteristic of alcoholic ketoacidosis even when severe acidosis is present. It can be considered as second-line or third-line therapy but should not be used as a first-line agent.

Before 24 weeks of gestation, survival of a fetus is unlikely even under ideal circumstances. Eeview told the paramedics he has high blood pressure. Contraindicated when maternal survival is likely C.

Emergency Medicine Written Board Review Course - Ohio ACEP Board Review Course

However, the test does change, so pay careful attention to the percent distribution that the Board Writers publish Also, there will be questions that are not regularly found in day to day Emergency care.

Program Director Interviews Rank List.

It is mainly used to evaluate for trauma such as fractures involving the spine and does not visualize the spinal cord or canal as well as MRI. Each book of the examination hoard of both pictorial and non-pictorial multiple choice questions. EberlyMD, M. Intravenous alteplase bolus B. The pain is worse with movement and better with rest.

Order MRI of the lumbar spine C.


Initial Approach Syncope Weakness. Thoracic — Pulmonary Injuries. Labor, Delivery and Their Complications Pregnancy: Meningococcemia, Pneumococcemia Bacterial Infections: I recently spent several months preparing for, then passing the exam, I took some time to reflect on what I learned from the overall reiew.

As with other etiologies of metabolic acidosis such as diabetic ketoacidosis, tachypnea is expected as a normal compensatory mechanism, not bradypnea. You'll never pay full price again!

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