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Fixed an issue where an event alarm would be incorrectly generated in a Google to Outlook sync Fixes in companionlink. With CompanionLink you can call us at for support, Monday through Friday, 7am Added support for syncing phone fields with SugarCRM accounts. Fixed issue where conflict resolution setting would sometimes not display in the CompanionLink UI. Fixed an issue where task alarms synced from DejaOffice to Lotus Notes one minute less.

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Fixed issues syncing certain recurring event end dates from Google. This is meant as an alternative synchronization method to mass storage mode, which was previously the only USB sync method for Android offered by CompanionLink. Fixed where Category Manager did not parse changes to correct database.

Fixed issue syncing memo body between Lotus Notes and DejaOffice. Added option to sync all Salesforce contacts, instead of just the contacts that you own contacts that you own is still the default setting. Improved handling of denied access response from SugarCRM. Fixed a bug that could cause duplicate records on the handheld when syncing multiple ACT!

It could have been a disaster! Fixed issue where edited birthdays did not always sync to DejaOffice for Android.

CompanionLink Software Updates

Click here for how to sync Android to Outlook and how to sync iPhone to Outlook. Fixed issue where Malaysia time zone events could lutlook with China time zone in a few cases.

This means that users can import their contact list into Outlook, but not their calendar information and so on. Users only have to select what is familiar to them and begin entering in their various passwords and security measures. Cloud Essentials would be slow Fixed an issue where sometimes events from Outlook would incorrectly sync an alarm to Google calendar Fixed an issue where sometimes syncing with Palm Desktop would not update multiple profiles Fixed an issue work and home address fields showed "No Mapping" in field mapping options Fixed an issue where sometimes syncing with ACT!

CompanionLink for Outlook keeps Outlook categories, contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, alarms, and photos synchronized with phones, tablets, and cloud services like Gmail, Google Apps, or Office Added beta support for GroupWise Fixed an issue where syncing a new contact to Google would sometimes create an unwanted category. Added support for syncing contact pictures from Highrise.

Fixed contact account duplication issue with SugarCRM 6. The new method should ensure that data integrity is preserved, in addition to improving sync performance. Improved duplicate checking with Lotus Notes. Fixed an issue where task alarms synced from DejaOffice to Lotus Notes one minute less. Added support for syncing private status for calendar events with Windows Live.

Our competitors lock their license to your computer.

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From time to time there are glitches some my fault! Added support for syncing Outlook yearly recurring events that recur every nth year requires Outlook SP1 or higher.

Free telephone technical support included with every license. The false positive was due to SQLite's "overly zealous" corruption detection.

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Improved sync speed with Goldmine. Fixed an issue where the Main phone field did not sync to Google. Fixed an issue that could prevent some Outlook contacts from syncing to DejaCloud.

Fixed issue where autosync could fail to start for a second CompanionLink profile if the first profile was configured for WiFi sync and failed to connect for some reason.

Renamed "Windows Live" sync options to "Outlook.

I feel good about this purchase and it is just what I needed. CompanionLink now detects if it is running in Windows compatibility mode.

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