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This accompanies the indicator. Reed McLay Retired Moderator. For instructions on how to clear a specific service book, refer to Task 1 in Article

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Cause 3 The connection to the wireless network is turned off.

Connectivity & data: BlackBerry Curve 8520

Scroll to and select one of the following options: You can only blcakberry a manually created network. Save settings and exit. Scroll to and select or clear the Wi-Fi check box. We're sorry, but this is not an available feature on your particular device model.

Unable to browse the Internet over a Wi-Fi connection on the BlackBerry smartphone

Resolution 2 Register the smartphone to the host routing table to have the appropriate service books pushed down. Share Share on Facebook. If the problem persists please contact your service provider. If desired, scroll to and select Clear history.

Camera and space bar: To locate a T-Mobile HotSpot from your handset, follow these steps: You will only pay your regular phone charges and nothing extra to the service provider!

The default browser configuration has been set to Wi-Fi Browser or Hotspot Browser but only a mobile network is currently active.

Scroll to and select GPS Services. Scroll to and select the desired HotSpot.

How to browse internet on Blackberry phone using Wi-Fi without data plan with AT & T

Resolution 3 Turn on the the connection to the wireless network. Data Services on the device have been switched off.

If you also have the or icons, you can send and receive e-mail messages, though they do not go over the Wi-Fi network. Cause 2 The appropriate service books are not present on the smartphone.

Change the default browser configuration to Internet Browser by performing the following steps: Please ensure your device has an active Wi-Fi connection and try again. To navigate back to the previous Web site or forward to the next Web site, perform one of the following actions:.

From the phone's home screen, Go to Browser.

Wifi connection, but can't use internet - BlackBerry Forums at

You are connected to the BlackBerry network via your Wi-Fi connection. Scroll to and select Add. Here select the browser as "Wi-Fi Browser".

Edit the connection information. Scroll to and select the Applications icon. For instructions on how to clear a specific service book, refer to Task 1 in Article Scroll to and select the Maps icon. Scroll to and select Delete. September 12, Type: I believe what you need to look for is a setting that says to use "WIFI only".

Scroll to and select the required security type.

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