American english pronunciation podcast

Do you say 'people' as 'peopo'? It begins with an sh sound, but after that, it ge…. If you're going to swear, you'd better be able to….

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Vowels plus voiced and unvoiced consonants Jul 11, Listen Overview Music Video Charts. Stress pronunciation patterns in 3-syllable words Dec 19, Listen Highly fluent speakers understand this suffix.

American English Pronunciation Podcast Shows How to Self Correct

Are 'for' and 'four' pronounced the same or differently? Easy and intuitive to use. Aug 12, Listen It begins with an sh sound, but after that, it ge…. Teens versus Tens as in 19 vs. Spoken English rhythm follows patterns of stresse….

Common spellings and non-phonetic words. If you want to see this video as one entire video, without this podcast introduction and ending, you can become a Pronuncian subscriber. Consonant clusters in English.

Subtle oddities of the word 'subtle' Apr 14, Listen The word "new" amrican place names Apr 28, Listen Informal contractions in American English. Linking from the -ed ending.

A Merry, Marry, Mary Christmas. Pronunciation of 'often' Aug 10, Listen The lessons are relatively short and focus on one thing at a time which makes learning easy and effective. Would you like some coffee or tea? YES, you can pronounce it as 'ast'! Developers constantly update and pronuncistion. Why does 'water' sound like 'wadder'?

American English Pronunciation Podcast

The pronunciations of i-consonant-e. Feb 24, Listen Click I Have iTunes to open it now. When to use the informal contraction 'useta'.

Mar 26, Listen Listen 60 Tag questions aren't really questions, are they? Practice words like 'three, through, throw, threa…. How 'have to' becomes 'hafta' Jan 14, Listen Common contractions in American English.

Learn native pronunciation and vocabulary. Jun 27, Listen How do we choose which spellings are common and w….

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