Embrace the martian

I hate the Crooker's version of Day 'N' Nite cos it is disrespectful to Cudi's great song with all those shitty sounds ruining Cudi's beat. Login with Google Error: I love Cudi's music, better than anything.

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General Comment Im not sure about cudi right now, I could see him selling out still. Flag kevsmc on July 27, There was an error.

SongMeanings is a place embracd discussion and discovery. General Comment so dope. We do not have any tags for Embrace the Martian lyrics. I love Cudi's music, better than anything. Login with Facebook Error: Lyrics submitted by bigt That is exactly what he is talking about.

Yeah, When you meet me, when you see me You know how to holla, you know IX nay on the bullshit Mayne When I roll back to Cleveland, cant believe it Sounds of the nonbelievers Outcast til I'm in dirt, before it did hurt Now I can understand how You can dismiss or front on Ask me how I, feel about them ones with closed eyes Enbrace words how I feel exactly are fuck that I don't give a damn bout nan one hater Talking down, don't be afraid at all ya'll All I ask of all ya'll is to please Embrace the martian, embrace the martian I come in peace, but I need ya'll rockin' wit maartian Please, embrace the martian And this is how it sounds Martiah I must tell you all now, keep on actin' funny Who am me?

Flag Clau5 on January 09, Do you like this song? Flag Lucas93 on December 07, Login embrwce Google Error: I hate the Crooker's version of Day 'N' Nite cos it is disrespectful to Cudi's great song with all those shitty sounds ruining Cudi's beat. Kid Cudi — Embrace the Martian.

Embrace The Martians

Embrace the Martian song martiwn. The songs that he has produced are awesome and true to his meaning but he is really trying to appeal to two different crowds right now and Im not really sure where he is trying to go with his music.

General Comment "Perhaps the flying saucer or UFO is the central motif ejbrace be understood in order to get a handle on reality here and now. User does not exist. More Kid Cudi Lyrics.

Kid Cudi – Embrace the Martian Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Also, you can verify this by his song "Man On The Moon" in the line "I'm sumthin different in all aspects". Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. We are alienated, embgace alienated that the self must disguise itself as an extraterrestrial in martisn not to alarm us with the truly bizarre dimensions that it encompasses.

He Still Makes Great Songs. I don't know how he does it, haha.

Embrace the Martian, a song by Crookers, Kid Cudi on Spotify

So you don't like the Crooker's version of Day 'n' Night? Why not add your own? My Opinion This song is about Cudi being different, ebrace that there's nothing wrong with that and you should embrace him for being different.

Log in to add a tag. Add your thoughts 13 Comments. General Comment "Embrace the Martian, I come in peace, but I need ya'll rockin' me" I embracce it basically means embrace the spontaneity of your mind, you have to take risks. Superstar hit it right on the spot. General Comment this song is so dope.

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