Cps for powerpoint

See Generating Reports to view the attendance results. If you do not have one, please contact eInstruction at Otherwise, you just have to wait a few moments. Place the cursor in the new location. Choose your class by selecting the check box.

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Choose the Generate button. The CPS Engage toolbar automatically appears with your presentation. Type your question and answer choices in the spaces provided or just ask your question verbally to the students. Be sure to Start the question. When you select your powerpoiint on the left, your class roster will appear on the right. Give your database a name in File Name box.

When you reach a clicker question slide, cpa the Engage button on the Engage toolbar located at the bottom of the Power Point slideshow. Select the session title.

CPS for Powerpoint

Select all the check boxes next to the student names you want included in the report. If you want to display the chart, select the Charting button. Most of the time, your computer will automatically detect your receiver and you will not have to perform the last four steps. Ask the students to turn on their clickers and join the session. Depending cp your circumstances, you might consider unchecking the Filter out students who didn't respond default check box.

If you do powerpoiint have one, please contact eInstruction at Enter your CPS username and passwordand select your institution from the pull-down menu. Then, try to import the class again. If you plan to powwerpoint the gradebook feature, select the Include Attendance in the Gradebook and Automatically Upload Attendance checkboxes.

When the pull-down menu appears, choose the type of question you would like to create. Choose the Attendance button.

Proceed through your slides as you would in MS Power Point. Open your Power Point presentation file. Deliver your presentation as you normally would.

CPS for PowerPoint - Vanier College ITSS

From the Session Dialog Box, you can. Keep Higher Education as the default for the Institution Type. Give students time to respond. The attendance grid appears.

The performance data is collected during CPS sessions and is based off students' responses to questions. Generating Reports You can generate different kinds of reports based on clicker performance data. Locate where in your presentation you would like to insert a clicker question pwoerpoint.

CPS for PowerPoint

Otherwise, you just have to wait a few moments. Allow students to respond. If you plan to use the gradebook, select the Include Attendance in the Gradebook and Automatically Upload Attendance checkboxes.

Place the cursor in the new location. In your class roster, check to make sure the student's registration information is correct serial number. If you are moving between computers, it is a good idea to save your database on your bonsai.

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