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Spam will be removed and spammers will be banned, when in doubt, contact the mods about a link. Auto Clicker Asoftech can be used to automate mouse clicks and movements. Your review for Auto-Clicker -. Just download and extract it on your desktop.

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Auto-Clicker is not a feature-packed piece cllcker software. Anyone who wants to take away the hassle of having to click to start applications on their computer should make sure that they check out GS Auto Clicker.


This software program allows your mouse to automatically click several points on your screen. Automate tasks on PC computer both desktop and laptop to improve suto. Auto-Clicker can be used on web games that require repeated clicks or keyboard input actions. Spam will be removed and spammers will be banned, when in doubt, contact the mods about a link.

Auto Mouse Clicker Software Download

Open-source autoclicker that lets you define key for toggling or pressing up to clicks per second. I like that you can change the cpm. No, it's every game I use it for that does that Join us on Freenode IRC at incremental: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. The client is customizable, so you can make it click every millisecond. Oh, this seems to be an old version. It's designed to only do 30 clicks per second, but I stager it with a 0.

Sometimes you come across software that you didn't know you needed. Have you tried different versions from the sourceforge directory? More nice app, evryone should test it, just a simple to use, easy to use reviewed on July 7, xlicker Autoclicker im using hxbbo Easy auto clicker 2.

Speed AutoClicker – extreme fast Auto Clicker | gracechurchblog.com

Change IP to fool click counters. I set up a macro in ControllerMate mac only program that averages between 60 and 90 clicks per second. Certain types of computer users are likely to find that GS Auto Clicker is a very useful tool and the fact that it is available free of charge means that it is certainly worth checking out. It lets you set the interval of clicking.

This does not have problems. September 29th, at Do you recommend it?

Speed AutoClicker – extreme fast Auto Clicker

A requests for help finding games except in the Help sticky B referral links C IGM or equivalent games D Anything about your own game more than 1 time habno week at most Be nice No personal attacks, death threats, witch hunts, bigotry and the like. Usually it'll start lagging aroundbut that's not a fault in the program habbk the way most games handle onclick inputs.

October 11th, at Download GS Auto Clicker 3.

Full version of Auto Clicker Asoftech. It is a runescape client for autoclicker and autotyping.

Moreover you can select the clicked mouse button: Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. It tops out at vlicker though, any attempts to make it go faster makes my system lag.

October 8th, at Ultimate List of Incremental Games.

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