Cee lo forget you

The lyrics mention that Cee Lo's mother was a firefighter. Europe European Hot Singles [37]. You could also call this industry a 'she', because you have to be kind, you have to court it, and be considerate, and be consistent — you know — and also put up with its bullshit. In an interview with NME , Green said that the song was also about the music industry itself.

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FORGET YOU CHORDS by Cee Lo Green @ gracechurchblog.com

Retrieved March 20, Carefully listen to the song and try to really "feel" the rhythm. The show was cancelled following social media remarks that Green made after he pleaded no contest to a felony yku of furnishing Ecstasy to a woman.

The following year, as he continued to participate in the series, he released a Christmas album, CeeLo's Magic Moment. US Adult Contemporary Billboard [54]. The radio edit version of the video contains re-shot elements which have been mixed with parts from the original, most notably when Cee Lo is on screen and he is singing alternative lyrics, but he is not shown singing the clean lyrics in the titular chorus.

Login with your UkuTabs account or create a new one and join the conversations. The official music video was released on September 1, This section may be in need of reorganization to comply ccee Wikipedia's layout guidelines.

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Fuck You (CeeLo Green song) - Wikipedia

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Thomas DeCarlo Callaway b.

Forget You (Cee Lo Green song)

Retrieved October 12, Canada Canadian Hot [34]. European Hot Singles [61]. Kate November 22, at Event occurs at 0m12s. US Alternative Songs Billboard [56].

C D7 I said I'm sorry Event occurs at 5m18s. You may only use this for private study, scholarship, or research.

US Mainstream Top 40 Billboard [58]. Do you have some improvements? That album, Cee Lo Green and His Perfect Yiusounded unlike anything else out there -- unlike Cee Lo's past work with Goodie Mob, unlike his neo-soul contemporaries, and unlike pretty much anything else except the weirder corners of OutKast's Stankonia album.

Retrieved August 27, Retrieved from " https: He drives past the diner forgey find the Heartbreaker working there, sweeping the front entrance while others are dancing behind her.

Use the ESC key to stop scrolling. Retrieved July 21, US Billboard Hot [53].

It also featured some nice production by Cee Lo himself.

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