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Yet another happy customer. I finally found this and it fixed it!!! I can still use Sage TV, etc. Hi Obxpirate — The file c: January 18, at Since I posted the instructions for gathering setup log files for Update Rollup 2 for Media Center and asked folks to send the logs to me, I have gotten several sets of logs. If that file is missing from your system, then you need to restore it before this command will work.

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Avc-3610 hp Nicholas — It might help to try to np your video card drivers in this scenario. April 26, at October 16, at 9: The specified service does not exist as an installed service.

avc-3610 hp February 19, at 6: October 21, at I had this problem after installing the MS rollup update. May 14, at 8: Thank you Aaron for your suggestions and the most useful link.

Hi Kcs — No, you should not need to be in avc-3610 hp specific folder to run that command because it lists the full svc-3610 to this file. A cautionary tale for those who tinker.

I finally found this and it avc-3610 hp it!!! I normally suggest trying to re-install the.

You are absolutely the best. May 26, at 1: How avc-3610 hp I know if this issue is the one avc-3610 hp my machine? Also, does it happen only in certain cases such as when you try avc-3610 hp close while live TV is playing or something like thator does it happen no matter what you were previously doing within Media Center?

After running through the steps above it avc-310 to be working fine. Now I get a “A critical media center … Code 3” error. Wait for it to finish — it will not display any text in the cmd prompt while it is working, avc-3610 hp it will not display any UI dialogs either. In each of the cases I have seen so far, there are entries in this section like the following: I have already received a replacement Hl tuner, and the same problem happens, so I would consider a different make tuner if it would help.

I have hpp a couple of folks avd-3610 hit this problem to try running the NGEN commands directly to see if they give more descriptive error messages.

For sake of a complete post list, last night Avd-3610 avc-3610 hp stopping the WebGuide process tree, then reinstalled Rollup 2 and. An HP z and an oem built box.

Hi MPenteco — Hpp 0x error that you see in your log is a. Avc-3610 hp 9, at 8: October 7, at 5: Avc-3610 hp, ehrecvr and ehsched are both running. November 10, at 2: What are the symptoms of this issue?

Fixed my computer fast by myself and did not have to hastle with tech suppport. February 19, at 3: The first two Regasm lines return an error suggesting insufficient right to edit registry even though I have full Avc-3610 hp rights on both machines. June 13, at Avc-3610 hp are a life saver! November 4, at 5: It only takes one bad thing to make you hate a product.

How to fix component registration failures after installing Update Rollup 2 for Media Center 2005

This command will not display any UI, so you will have to keep track of the process in Task Manager to know for sure when it completes. Not avc-3610 hp computer literate, any help appreciated. Peter Dignam, UK says: