Retrieved 25 May You can read more about the 3D capabilities of various DirectX versions on this page. It is no longer possible to determine what video driver your system uses from looking at the xorg. But since people want a single speed number anyway, this column provides one. It is preferably used for a frame buffer. Render output units 2 The clock frequencies may vary in different usage scenarios, as ATI PowerPlay technology is implemented.

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Higher numbers mean higher performance. Retrieved 26 October Some are better with full screen anti-aliasing while others are better with none. This speed number is an average across ati radeon x1650 pro rv530 wide range of different game benchmarks gathered from various website reviews. Just remember that it’s an estimate.

Video cards which have xbitlabs measurements are shown in the wattage column using ati radeon x1650 pro rv530 green characters. They need help with hardware design review, documentation, driver development and more. The specifications for each video card can be found from the “card” link. The power consumed by two apparently identical video cards can vary somewhat.

We expect this to be the case with more distros soon. You can also read about them if you’re rzdeon with Babel Fish on pages like thisthisthisthisthisthisand this. Retrieved July 9, VGA video card outputs Last ati radeon x1650 pro rv530 Retrieved 4 November This table column provides the video outputs included on the standard configuration for this video card.

Open Source 3D Acceleration. Org ati radeon x1650 pro rv530 page for ideas. The standard implemention of this video card is so wide that it takes up three slots. This table column provides the amount of video RAM on the standard model of the video card in megabytes. The standard implemention of this video card is wide enough that you can’t put ati radeon x1650 pro rv530 expansion card in the slot next to the video card.

GCN 1 st gen 28 nm. HD fr ClubicRevioo. Une Radeon HD avec 5 sorties sur tom’s hardware, le 3 mars The table is sorted from fastest to slowest at average 3D gaming performance across a number of different games.

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Adding more benchmark samples rg530 make the speed numbers move around quite a bit. Sony confirms PlayStation event for September 7″. Many ati radeon x1650 pro rv530 in the table as well as the the column descriptions are linked to more thorough explanations of what they mean.

You can use this name to search on the Internet for more technical information about it.

AMD Radeon

These speed numbers have been derived from a large number of gaming benchmarks. VGA video card outputs. If this kind of card has a range of possible specifications for example, it has a range of possible GPU clocks then the value of the tested cards is listed in rvv530 appropriate column instead of a “card” link.

Maximum reported ati radeon x1650 pro rv530 frame rate see below: For example, under most circumstances, one PS2. Retrieved 24 October If anyone else knows a way to do this, please enlighten us. Pour les articles homonymes, voir Radeon homonymie. Speed There’s no such thing as a single speed number which you can use to compare how ati radeon x1650 pro rv530 different video cards are at games. We already know that.

There’s more than one way to characterize the pixel shader hardware. As a result, the speed ratios between fast cards and slow cards aren’t very accurate.

Video card models which don’t have this note usually don’t support HDCP. If the speed number of one card is 1.

ATI-Radeon-XSerie – Wikipedia

So for newer video cards, the fill rate measure just isn’t that useful anymore. This is usually because the video card has a very thick cooling system.

The stream processors are dynamically allocated to do pixel, vertex, or geometry processing based on immediate demand.