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My laptop is an Acer Probably you could direct me to the right forum. Apply thermal grease only on the CPU. It is a better idea to always replace the thermal grease when removing a heatsink from a processor. I hope the suddan random shutdowns will stop now. Today, I cleaned my cooling module step by step as you described.

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RAM & SSD Upgrades | Acer Aspire Series |

And is its location shown in any of your photos? Otherwise, you can reuse old grease, just spread it aspire 3620 on the top of the processor and install the heat sink back in place. As you see, the heat sink aspire 3620 completely clogged with dust.

I really really need aspire 3620 help this problem. Andrew, Found it on another site. Thanks for the awesome guidelines! Thanks In Advance, Adriel Cedeno.

First of all, you test the AC adapter and make sure it puts out correct voltage. Make sure memory modules are connected properly.

Does the side with the contacts on it face up or down on the power board and motherboard? I have removed the fan from an acer C Make sure memory installed correctly. Start removing the keyboard bezel as it shown on the picture below.

But now none of them work on my Laptop. Thanks for this manual! All rights reserved CA SB terms of aspire 3620 privacy terms of use environmental. Does anybody know what is written on the left cable, shown in step 12? Aspire 3620 order to start any laptop with video you need only aspire 3620 components: Had the same problem aspire 3620 random instant shotdowns.

When depressed normally when you have the screen on the laptop closed this cuts off the signal to the screen.

How to disassemble Acer Aspire – Inside my laptop

Your instructions enabled the disassemble to repair of bad DC connector on a slightly different model. Probably you could direct me to the right forum. Remove four screws securing aspire 3620 hard drive assembly. I aspire 3620 that the cooling module heat sink and fan is aspire 3620 clogged with dust and needs a good cleaning. Everything was going perfectly until I reassembled the laptop. Both antenna cables are identical.

aspire 3620 Without a doubt, compatibility is the most important factor in buying a memory upgrade aspire 3620 your laptop or computer. I had ubuntu installed and now it looks perfect. That is adpire as comprehensive as this though.

The Buyer’s Guide

Nannah, and yoou dont even say how aspire 3620 put it back together… stupid tbh. Test the power connector?

Sorry, we haven’t reviewed this product yet. I was wondering if you do have to replace the cooling fan or can you just aspire 3620 it and put it aspire 3620 in?

I am following the method described.

After that you plug in the known good AC adapter and test with a voltmeter if power aspire 3620 to the motherboard. Thanks much for the writeup.